header-image2232Vemma Affiliate Marketing is not only changing people’s health, but also changing their financial situations in a big way. I heard it said once that Vemma is similar to Amazon, but we pay better…much better.

Vemma Overview!
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Chris Powell Business Opportunity – Chris Powell, TV Celebrity well known for The Chris Powell Weight Loss Challenge, has team up with The Vemma Bode Program. Join the Chris Powell Weight Loss Challenge Click Here! Vemma began producing its insanely healthy energy drink, Verve, about 9 years ago. The Vemma Bode Program, Vemma’s weight loss program, recently teamed up with Chris Powell and created an amazing income opportunity. This is an excellent opportunity not only to improve your own health, but take advantage of a healthy business opportunity for yourself. Think of all the people you see in your day to day activities that are overweight and imagine the impact you can have on their quality of life. This opportunity is only limited by your imagination.  Get more information on how to get involved as a Vemma Affiliate Marketer Click Here! Be sure to visit my Vemma website at: http://bode123.vemma.com

Drink Vemma Verve Insanely Healthy Energy Drink & Earn Extra Cash!

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.14.34 PMWant to earn extra money? How about a lot of money? We are creating a movement of insanely healthy energy drinkers that are getting paid to drink them. Drink Vemma Verve or Vemma Bold and earn! There are thousands joining the movement, getting healthy, driving BMW’s, Mercedes and getting fat wallets. Join the Vemma Verve Movement! go to: http://bode123.vemma. com

Vemma Presents Linda Proctor & The Vemma Ambassador Lifestyle

index.jpg1258What is Vemma? Ready for a turn key business opportunity? I heard it best described as an “Amazon.com gone nutrition” or “it’s just like Amazon, but it pays better”. Vemma is well know for it’s healthy energy drinks based on Mangosteen and the “Vemma Formula”. Chris Powell has teamed up with Vemma’s Bode line of products to bring us the Vemma Bode Program, Vemma’s weight loss line of products. Chris Powell, along with Dr. Yibing Wang, was instrumental in the creation and formulation of the Vemma Bode Products. Chris Powell teamed up with Vemma  and their proven success in the energy drink market to create a recipe for success for anyone willling to take advantage of a healthy business opportunity. Watch the Vemma Pay Plan video below to see how the pay plan can benefit you. Visit http://VemmaBodeProgram.biz for more information on our income opportunity.

Vemma Business Leader BK Boreyko On Vemma Distributorship Opportunity & Story

Joining as a Vemma Affiliate gives you an opportunity to be your own boss. I have the freedom to do what I want, when I want to do it. Haven’t you always wanted that? You are either building your own fortune or a fortune for someone else. Do you know anyone who is successful working for someone else? I don’t and it’s not getting better out there. There is a lot of downsizing going on. Get started on your own future. It’s all here for you. We have the system for marketing, Chris Powell, great products that will benefit your health and a pay plan that will put you on your way to success. Go to: http://bode123.vemma.com click on “start your business”. Your future starts NOW!

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