Distributorship Opportunity – Chris Powell Weight Loss Challenge!

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Distributorship Opportunity with The Chris Powell Weight Loss Challenge!


Turn key Business Opportunity with Television’s Top Weight Loss Coach, Chris Powell. Chris Powell is well known for his ability to transform lives as seen on his popular TV show “Extreme Weight Loss”.  Chris Powell has teamed up with Vemma and the Vemma Bode Program. He has taken a hands on approach and has been instrumental in the development of the Vemma Bode line of products. The Vemma Bode Program for weight loss is growing by leaps and bounds as a result of the Chris Powell Bode Challenge and the success of it’s weight loss participants. Chris is on a mission to help 10 million people transform their lives. We are looking for motivated people to help us accomplish this mission. As Chris would say, “Are you ready?”

I got started during the last part of September 2013 and was in profit in 5 weeks. I joined as a business builder ordering a Bode Silver Pack. The Vemma Bode Silver Pack qualifies you for all areas of income. Click here to join => http://bode123.vemma.com then click on “Start Your Business”. Click on Bode if you want to order the weight loss products. Chris Powell recommends the Vemma Extreme Transformation Pack for those who are serious about losing weight. The Bode Silver Pack has more product and is the best bang for your buck. We are looking for leaders that are good with people & good on the phone. We have had an overwhelming response to our online advertising. I will share more of that with you when you get started. Let me give you a little taste of our team’s marketing system loaded with everything you need for success. Check out the capture page, fill out your name, email and phone and you will see first hand how it works. Go to: http://bode123.com 

To join Vemma and the Chris Powell Challenge go to: http://bode123.vemma.com and join as a Brand Partner. There is no extra cost to become a Brand Partner. Make a serious business decision and order your Gold or Silver Pack today.

Download your FREE Bode Trainer Application once you have joined as a Customer or a Brand Partner. Go to: http://body123.com  This app is for your cell phone that will get you started on your own Bode Transformation. For those of us that need a step by step, how to eat, what to eat guide, this trainer is for you.

Interested, but want more information? Click Here!

Now, Call ME! Let’s see if this is a good fit for both of us. I look forward to creating success with you!











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